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Q Elaborate the principles of programme instruction. 500 words

bijay mukhia    02nd June, 2015 Hits: 662    0 Comment(s)       Solve it    Share

Q a good teacher must be a good psychologist -discuss

srinu    22nd May, 2015 Hits: 609    0 Comment(s)       Solve it    Share


bikash mitra    13th May, 2015 Hits: 923    0 Comment(s)       Solve it    Share

Q distinguish between Export -import traffic and freight traffic?

shalini    11th April, 2015 Hits: 730    0 Comment(s)       Solve it    Share

A t-test is an exact test where as z-test is an approximate test.

PankajSingh    08th February, 2014 Hits: 6881    2 Comment(s)    Check Answers

A A1. BLOCK 1 PG 28 A2. BLOCK 2 PG 61 A3. BLOCK 4 PG 21

S. P. L    11th April, 2013 Hits: 6259    4 Comment(s)    Check Answers

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