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a) Discuss critically how the change in political situations shaped the course of Indian Education. Illustrate with examples.

(500 Words)

b) Explain the need of community participation in improving the quality of elementary education. Discuss the initiatives taken by central and  state                 governments for achieving the Universalisation of Elementary Education.                         (500 Words)

c) Describe the national system of education as envisaged in National Policy on Education (1986) and the need for a National Curriculum Framework in Indian Context. (500 Words)

a) Mention the philosophical assumptions of reconstructionism, existentialism and pragmatism and make an analysis of aims of education as                   propounded by these schools of thought.         (500 Words)

b) Explain the meaning and nature of knowledge. Discuss the implications of different forms of knowledge for curriculum planning.

    (500 Words)

c) Choose a subject of your choice from Secondary School Curriculum. Analyse the curriculum of the same subject and describe how different theories of  learning have contributed to the development of the same curriculum.                (500 Words)

a) What is self concept? How does self concept affect learning? Give examples. (500 Words)

b) Discuss the influences of socio-cultural environment on learning.     (500 Words)

c) Discuss the importance of affective learning in school curriculum. How will you organise content for teaching and assessment of affective learning?

     (500 Words)

a) What is the role of a school in the socialisation of a child? Present the case of a typical student from your class and describe how the school helped him/ her socialise.

    (500 Words)

b) Do you think ‘community’ has any role in running schools? Present arguments in favour of your answer with suitable examples.

     (500 Words)

c) How does the teacher’s ideology influence his/ her teaching? What measures should be taken to make teaching ideology neutral.

    (500 Words)

a) Discuss the development and present status of secondary education in India.

   (500 Words)

b) Identify a topic from the subject of your choice at the Secondary School level. Prepare a lesson plan on it.

    (500 Words)

c) What is Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)? Prepare a detailed plan for the implementation of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation at the Secondary School Level.

   (500 W


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