Programme Code : BCA
Course Code : mcs-021
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Year : 2012 Views: 1978 Submitted By : zeba On 06th September, 2012

Do you have solution for this Question. If yes    I aslo want solution.


Q1. write an algorithm for multiplication of two sparse matrices using linked lists?

Q2. what are the applications of red-black trees?

Q3. write a note of not more than 5 pages summarizing the latest research in the area of  "Shortest path Algorithms"  for graphs. Refer to various journals and other online resources?

Q4. Implement multiple stacks in a single dimensional arrays. Write algorithms for various stack operations for them?

Catch The Solution

By govind tak

let MAT1[][] and MAT2[][] are two matrices and their multiplication is stored in matrx MULTI


step2:[check possibitiy of multiplication ]

             IF COL2=ROW1 than:

step3:repeat for I =0 to ROW 1-1

step4:            repeatJ=0 toCOL2-1

step5:                   set MULTI[i][j]=0f

step6:                             Repeat for K=0 to COL1-1

step7:                            Set MULTI[I][J]=MULTI[i][j]+MAT1[I][[k]*MAT2[k][j]

                                   End of step6 for loop

                              End of step4 for loop

                      End of step3 for loop


      Write "Muktiplication is not  possible" and Exit

            End of if

step8: End