Programme Code : MEG
Course Code : MEG-04
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Year : 2012 Views: 1415 Submitted By : NIKHAT FAHIM On 21st June, 2012

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I Write short notes on any two of the following.

i Characteristics of human language

ii Major types of language planning

iii Code-mixing and Code-switching

iv Inflectional versus derivational morphology

21 Mention briefly the main process of word formation in the English language.

Illustrate your answer with examples. (20)

3 Discuss the criteria for classifying consonants and describe them in terms of

their production. (20)

4 What are the tests that you can apply to determine whether a sequence of words '

is a syntactic constituent? Give examples to illustrate. (20)

5 What do you understand by 'foregrounding'? Discuss its role in the analysis of a

1 iterary text. (20

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